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No matter how large, small, complex or straightforward the project may be, at Spatial, our role is to understand its unique requirements and to deliver the optimum outcome.

We follow every job right through from thoughts on paper, to the development of thriving, sustainable communities. Throughout the process, our effective management ensures project costs are accurate and predictable, allowing decisions to be made with clarity and confidence.

Our range of services include:

  • Strategic property acquisition
  • Strategic business planning and risk management
  • Preparing desired feasibilities, sensitivity analysis and comprehensively researched due diligence
  • Coordinating, verifying and managing optimum development plans, including detailed market analysis
  • Preparing detailed project budgets and programs, including financial modelling
  • Monitoring, managing and reporting of compliance to project budgets and programs
  • Coordinating the briefing, engagement and management of consultant teams in accordance with project requirements
  • Coordinating, overseeing and strategically managing the Federal, State and Local Government approval processes in accordance with project requirements
  • Coordinating and managing public consultation processes where relating to project approval
  • Acting as the landowners' representative in all aspects of development, including the documentation, procurement and award of construction contracts, attendance at meetings and supervision of works
  • Pursuing final approvals, clearances and issuing of property titles